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BRINGING HISTORY TO LIFE: 5 best historical sites for kids

1. Great Wall of China

Yes, this is incredible. We couldn't resist the opportunity to take the cable car to the top and then toboggan down. It wasn't busy, and you can walk for as little or as long as you like.

Read about our visit here.


2. Pompeii, Italy

Walking through the ancient city of Pompeii is an excellent living history lesson. The site is extensive and you can easily fill a whole day exploring. You can walk the streets, and visit ancient theatres, baths, shops and houses - all with Mount Vesuvius as a backdrop.

Read about our visit here.


3. Delphi, Greece

We loved this peaceful historical site. There's also an excellent museum.

It's an easy drive from Athens and there are several places to stay in the adjoining town; many of the rooms offer spectacular views.

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4. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

A must-see, although with children we would recommend keeping it to just a day; a full day of temple touring is pretty tiring but is enough to see all of the main sites, plus a few more. If you insist on seeing more, it wouldn't hurt to have a day's rest in the middle.

We stayed at, and highly recommend, the King Boutique Hotel. It has a pool (it gets very hot there), is fairly central, so it's easy walking distance to restaurants, and is run by a lovely family. They arrange free pick up from the bus station and can also arrange tuk-tuks for your visit to the temples.

Always travel with the Giant Ibis bus company in Cambodia if you possibly can. Their service is excellent, the buses are new and clean and safety is a high priority.

Read about our visit here.


5. Bran Castle, Romania

This is a lovely, compact castle, that your children can really get excited about!

We drove out from the UK and stayed with a local family nearby. Go into Brasov to eat, it's just lovely.

Read about our visit here.

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